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Priligy ® is a new medical product which has received the most part of interest of people, and it is used as treatment for a premature ejaculation. The patrimonial name for a medical product – dapoxetine a hydrochloride. It is useful for men as treatment for their disability to sustain an ejaculation and suffers from a premature ejaculation. It is one of a unique medical product of its kind which regulates process of an ejaculation at men. The premature ejaculation means a biological problem because of which the person throws up more likely than its actual carved figures. It is the general man’s dysfunction for many men who should be treated as soon as possible. Also known as the fast ejaculation, a premature ejaculation amazes approximately 30-40 % of the population of a male in Great Britain. It interferes with that men controlled ejaculation process, leading to unsatisfactory sexual activity, and amazes the majority of men in sooner or later. The reasons behind a premature ejaculation as mainly, believe, are psychological in the nature, but certain conditions as problems with a prostate, or the infection of urinary ways can cause a premature ejaculation also. The majority of men and their partners try to live with this condition However, simply becoming worrying or suppressed about it is not going to solve a problem. The premature ejaculation is curable, and effective treatment is accessible.. Buy Priligy online in one of dear Internet drugstores.

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